With digital Adverts assuming control over our lives, it’s easy to start questioning as to what extent the other forms of Advertising are going to last. Oh, rest assured: Cutout Advertising is going nowhere! They are alive, well and getting progressively creative. Imagine a scenario: You’re walking on the road or visiting a mall, pretending to be focused around your shopping, A Cutout will take some genuine interruption to steal your attention. All of a sudden you see the Ronald Mc Donald clown inviting you to have a Big spicy paneer Wrap. You suddenly realise that you are starving. (But Is it accurate to say that you truly are?). Next up you’re searching for the Mc Donald Outlet nearby! You truly need to get your hands on that Cheesy spicy paneer wrap. Well Ladies and gentlemen, that’s the magnetic power and intensity of a brilliant Cutout Advert. Cutout Adverts can be placed anywhere as per the preference of the brand and the demography it want to focus. You can place them in the Malls, Railway Stations, Metro Stations, Local Streets, Busy Roads etc. Well BuyMediaSpace can help you in creating a customised, interesting Cutout Ads for your Brand and showcasing it to the masses.

Bringing Innovation in Advertising!

Cutouts being strategically placed along busy roads, cannot be ignored. People have a choice to click on an Internet ad or switch the channel away from a commercial, but they can’t avoid looking at your Cutout Ads with unlimited design possibilities as they go throughout the day. With Cutouts Advertising Service, the possibilities are endless! You can either choose a simple classic Cutout Advert or a highly attractive 3D Cutouts.

Always Working: You could pay to run an Ad on the Radio or TV, but the price only guarantees your commercial to be played a few times a day. While a Cutout is constantly working 24*7. The audience might be exposed to your brand or service just once or twice through other forms of Advertising, but Cutout Adverts lead to repeated exposure, as people continuously pass by, and thus leads to constant reinforcement.

Flexibility. Cutouts Advertising Service gives you the flexibility to focus on the geographic area that you would like to target. Cost effective. Cutout Advertising is one of the most cost-effective forms of an Advertising medium and generates higher ROI as compared with other forms of media.

Types of Cutout Advertising in India:
PVC Cutout Standees
3D Cardboard Cutouts